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Always Look Close To Home

Dawn on the Fox River

Great light makes it all work!

I’m originally from Louisiana and miss the wonderful opportunities for nature and wildlife images as well as looking on with envy from some of the images made in Florida.  Well, it doesn’t matter where you are – there are opportunities everywhere, you just have to look.  I’m also betting there is more close to your house than you realize, you just might have to be a little more creative or search a little harder.

I took this wonderful advice about six weeks ago when the Mississippi Eagles had left for the season and found several great places like the spot above where this image was made.  (about 20 minutes away from me.)  In fact, in addition to some great landscapes, these new spots yielded quite a few great subjects (Buffleheads, Mergansers, Golden Eyes, Cormorants, Sandhill Cranes, Great Blue Herons – and even two more Eagles!)  So here are a few tips to get the most out of your own areas.

  • Ask around.  (I know this seems obvious).  Local camera clubs, meet-ups and online forums are excellent spots.
  • Crack open Google Maps.  Start at your address and just start expanding out.  Parks, streams, rivers and anything else that looks interesting.  Trust me, there is more around than you think!
  • Scout around and be patient.  It takes more than 5 minutes to see if an area may have any activity so give your scouting sites some time.  The best spot I’ve found this spring can be dead slow for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and pure action the next minute.

Enjoy the spring!