Qwik-Tip: Starburst Effects

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This week’s Qwik-Tip focuses on specularity (or the starburst effect) in photographs.  This tip can work with just about any light source (direct or reflected) to get that wonderful effect you see in the opening image.

Qwik Tip List:

  • Shoot on Aperture Priority – or manual mode
    • Select a very small aperture (20 or greater)
  • Use a tripod.
    • With such a small aperture, you’ll be using a relatively slow shutter speed.
  • When shooting sunlight, try and “pinch” the sun between two items
    • Use branches, in between leaves – anything that constricts the light flow will help clean-up the effect on an object as bright as the sun.

Some Lenses will work better than others.  The number of blades in the shutter will have an impact as well – the more the better.  It’s not really something you can always choose – just something to consider!

Stay in Focus!



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