Are You Ready For “The Action”?

MCT 2011 11 28 3269

More that once, a simple morning stroll through the local park or afternoon hike has resulted in some “interesting” shots.

I’ve developed the habit to always have my camera set on “action” when just out walking around or doing landscape shoots.  Too many times in the past, something very interesting and action oriented would present itself (like a quiet pond of waterfowl breaking out into the “fight” shot above).  I’d swing my camera to sudden action, only realize after it was all over that my settings were all wrong.  My new habit is to:

  • always walk around with my camera set to a basic “action setting”:
    • Shutter at 1/1000th or better
    • ISO set to “auto”
    • Aperture of at least 5.6 with f/8 a better choice
    • Exposure compensation balanced for current lighting conditions to grab an acceptable ground/sky combo shot
  • when I come upon static or other shots I’d like to make, I adjust to the need – but AWALYS return to my action settings before moving down the road.

MCT 2011 11 28 3550

Without following this habit, some of my most treasured shots would have been blurred throw aways.  I won’t always get the settings just right, but being prepped for a general action shot gives me a fighting chance.

Stay in focus!



3 comments so far

  1. Bella Remy Photography on

    What a brilliant idea ! Thanks for the greatest advice.

  2. John Bradford on

    Got here because of the listing for the G12 in the Canon forum. Glad I came as I had never seen a shot of geese fighting. Always assumed that they went at it with their bills. Wonderful capture – thanks for sharing.

  3. SebiMeyer on

    You could even make these settings a preset on most Canon cameras.

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