Friday Funnies – March 16th

MCT 03 2012 03 16 2012 2092

Just Hanging Around . . . Waiting for a Chance to Split

Sometimes you just never know what the lens of your camera will find – so take it as it comes!

I’ve seen others create images with this pose – and have actively tried to get my own for the past several years with no success.  While chasing a Wood Duck recently (also with no success) – this little fellow decided to pose right in front of me for a few seconds.

  • First lesson learned:  All the shots you’re looking for will come your way . . . but it will be in nature’s time, not necessarily yours.
  • Second lesson learned:  That shot may come your way and only stay for a moment – so be prepared.  Understand your equipment, settings and exposure requirements intimately so you can switch on the fly – and take advantage of the beauty nature has chosen to place in front of you.

Stay in focus,



2 comments so far

  1. selah on

    that surely is a “being in the right place at the right time” photo.. 🙂

  2. ahardyperspective on

    what a funny photo, wonderful. and it isn’t just how great the subject is, but also your execution is pretty spot on. the depth of field is marvelous

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