Friday Funnies – December 21st

5DII Eagles 2010 01 30 121 Original

Yea, I studied Ballet . . . WHAT OF IT?

One of the advantages to shooting at a high frame rate, you’ll tend to grab a unique pose or element that you would have otherwise missed.  In the next frame, the eagle’s second foot was back parallel to its body.  This split second shot imitates a perfect toe-nail pirouette worthy of the best ballet dancer!

Stay in focus,



2 comments so far

  1. Bella Remy Photography on

    Mark – THIS IS PERFECT ! I have total photo envy now that I know what it takes to get this kind of shot. Did you get this shot this week at the dam?

    • imperfectphotog on

      Thank you!!

      This was last season at the dam. Weather is starting to cool down though so I might take a scouting trip next week to see how it is shaping up.

      Mid Jan to mid Feb is usually peak.

      Take care,

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