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Friday Funnies – January 25th

2012 2012 10 20 20 | 16 30 30 | DR7T0431

Get in Ma Belly!!

This was an amazing battle, that lasted almost ten minutes.  This little Grebe was wrestling with the fish in every way you can image, eventually victorious and swallowed it whole.  Once he had a solid grip and the fish was tired – he just kicked his head back and let it slide down.  Proof below!!

2012 2012 10 20 20 | 16 31 33 | DR7T0567

Keep an eye out for nature’s entertainment – and stay in focus!



Friday Funnies – January 18th

2012 10 25 09 10 42 DR7T3500

What the Hell are you doing . . . ????

I swear that I could literally read the goose’s mind and the female Mallard came in for a short landing!  It’s not always the greatest picture, but paying attention to the interactions of the various subjects in the pond (and new arrivals) can certainly be entertaining – especially when you learn to expect it!

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Friday Funnies – January 11th

Backyard Birding  2009 08 16  78

Drop it Mom!  Just. . . Drop it!

It’s amazing to witness the dedication of wild-life parents.  Here’s a little reminder – remember to put the camera down every now and then and just enjoy the moment!

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Friday Funnies: December 28th

IMG 6425

Caffeine?  What’s caffeine? I don’t eat human food – but I do love their drinks!

Don’t forget to look for the pictures inside the pictures.  While reviewing my shots of a civil war reenactment, I noticed the crazed expression of this one horse.  I cropped in tight and did some focused processing and came up with a unique image.

“Crazy Horse” has been a strong seller in the online gallery.

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Friday Funnies – December 21st

5DII Eagles 2010 01 30 121 Original

Yea, I studied Ballet . . . WHAT OF IT?

One of the advantages to shooting at a high frame rate, you’ll tend to grab a unique pose or element that you would have otherwise missed.  In the next frame, the eagle’s second foot was back parallel to its body.  This split second shot imitates a perfect toe-nail pirouette worthy of the best ballet dancer!

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Friday Funnies – December 14th


Popeye?  I’m Not Popeye . . . . They Call Me “Crusty”!

He really did look like a crusty kinda fellow – crusty but cute!  Thanks to the Stillman Nature Center for caring for these injured birds.  Do a search and find out if there are any rehabilitation centers around your area – They’re worthy of your support.

Stay in Focus,