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Friday Funnies – January 11th

Backyard Birding  2009 08 16  78

Drop it Mom!  Just. . . Drop it!

It’s amazing to witness the dedication of wild-life parents.  Here’s a little reminder – remember to put the camera down every now and then and just enjoy the moment!

Stay in focus,



Friday Funnies – April 20th

Mark Theriot  The fight is on

Kick Me!  I’ll Kick Ya Back – Get Out Of My Pond!

Another lesson in always being ready for the action.  The Coot on the left was being mercilessly chased by the other for about five minutes – you knew something had to give.  Sure enough, the “chasee” turned around and proceeded to kick the snot out of the “chaser” – and those are some serious feet to get kicked with!

I almost left this pond, but decided to hang around just in case.  It’s a good thing I was prepared, this brawl was over in about 15 seconds!

Stay in focus,